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Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers

Connect homeless or recently housed guests and community members over a healthy plant based meal.  Using food donated from local farmers markets, chefs will create a menu featuring fresh seasonal produce.

Produced in conjunction with Food Forward and The Center, and featured in a campaign to draw attention to the issues of homelessness, food waste and the role that a healthy diet plays in a person’s physical and emotional well being, and to highlight the role that food can play in creating community.

Directors Mimi Riley and Tova Celine

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Our Mission

Waste Not Want Not helps reduce hunger, and decrease global warming, by providing Los Angeles area homeless

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Volunteer Program

Our volunteers are working to make a difference – picking up food that is being thrown out by bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets and delivering it to shelters throughout the city of Los Angeles.  

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Make your donation here

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The US wastes up to 40% of food each year, with around 130 pounds of food per person ending up in landfills. There food breaks down releasing methane gas and creates 20 times more heat than carbon dioxide,  worsening global warming. Waste Not Want Not Now diverts excess food to charities that serve the homeless and […]

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