Waste Not Want Not Now 

 For over 15 years our volunteers have been picking up food donated by grocery stores, restaurants and hotels, and delivering it to organizations that feed the homeless of Los Angeles.  A typical day’s donation consists of fresh fruits, vegetables and bakery items which would otherwise have been thrown away –   shelter organizers say they could always use more.

 On any given day in Los Angeles, some 44,000 people have no place to call home – making ours the second largest homeless population in the US.

 Food recovery is one creative way to help reduce hunger in America. It supplements Federal food assistance programs by making better use of a food source that already exists.

Up to 1/5 of America’s food goes to waste each year, with an estimated 130 pounds of food per person ending up in landfills. Because landfills lack oxygen, decaying food releases methane – a greenhouse gas that traps 20x times more heat than carbon dioxide.  Food waste plays a major role in global warming


Waste Not Want Not Now  

is working to raise awareness about the widespread waste of food resources.  It’s estimated that up to 40% of food in the US is thrown away.

The annual value of this lost food is estimated at around three billion dollars, but the real story is that roughly 49 million people could have been fed by those lost resources.

Instead of excess food going into the waste stream, WNWNnow diverts it to charities that feed the hungry

We aim to reduce food waste and  to reduce the negative environmental impact of putting edible items into the waste stream.